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Your Meticulous Orange County Bookkeepers

businessman using calculatorWhen you choose to partner with Bourque CPAs + Advisors, our skilled team provides you with a streamlined, stress-free bookkeeping experience. We understand how hard you've worked to build up your business and want to help you keep your accounts organized and accessible. Since 2014 our bookkeeper in Orange County has helped entrepreneurs and business owners like you optimize operations and reach your full financial potential.

When your books are accurate, accessible, and arranged, you'll be able to easily stay on top of your company's day-to-day affairs. You can trust that our experienced accountant takes the time to carefully evaluate your situation and develop a plan that matches your financial needs and goals. In addition to being a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), our principal received his Master of Business in Taxation from USC and is a certified QuickBooks® ProAdvisor. His diverse skillset allows him to provide you with full-service bookkeeping when you require it most.

To support you, we're available to consult via a phone call or in person. Get in touch with Bourque CPAs + Advisors today to schedule your free hour-long consultation with us!

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Why Outsource Your Bookkeeping to Our Firm?

finance graphs on desk with pen and calculatorBookkeeping can quickly turn into a time-consuming, expensive endeavor. Outsourcing your bookkeeping not only reduces your daily workload but allows you to focus your attention on product development, your team, and your customers. Our Orange County bookkeeper keeps you aware of our progress. We believe that you should never be left wondering about the state of your finances and are happy to answer any questions that arise promptly.

You'll find us to be proactive, meticulous, and efficient. We can enter your data directly to save you time or check your entries for accuracy. Our team is constantly searching for ways to streamline internal operations, reduce high overhead costs, and identify underperforming departments. Depending on your preferences, we can provide weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual reporting to suit your needs. With our insights and analytics, you'll be expertly prepared to confidently target your market.

Providing Timely Financial Reports

Receiving reliable, timely financial reports can help you target your goals, attract new investors, and break down complex situations. Our Orange County bookkeeper offers monthly reports, including:

  • Cash Flow Statements: Your company's cash flow statement measures how well your business generates cash to pay off outstanding debts, cover operating expenses, and fund new investments. Potential creditors may require a cash flow statement to understand where your money comes from, what it's spent on, and how efficient your internal controls are.
  • Income Statements: Income statements detail revenue, earnings per share, net income, and expenses over a selected timeframe. An income statement typically covers a financial quarter or full year. By analyzing your income statement, we can break down how much money your company brings in as revenue, weighed against net expenses.
  • Balance Sheets: Your company's balance sheet shows the state of your assets, liabilities, and shareholder equity at a particular moment. The balance sheet is an essential indicator of financial health and may be required to entice new investors or secure a substantial business loan.

Accurate Reconciliations to Prevent Fraud

Our bookkeeper provides bank and credit card reconciliations to protect you from clerical errors and fraud. We compare your business's internal records to those of your bank record or credit card statement. By performing regular reconciliations, we're able to uncover unprocessed payments, catch suspicious credit card activity and overcharges, and detect errors in your financial information.

Streamlining Your Operations with QuickBooks

business owner reviewing expense booksWe primarily use QuickBooks to provide our selection of bookkeeping and accounting services. Our ProAdvisor can help you get the system set up and running smoothly. If you're new to the accounting platform, we offer training to help you and your employees master the basics in no time. Should your company already use QuickBooks, we can help you customize the system to best fit your industry and bookkeeping needs. Our Orange County bookkeeper shows you how to:

  • Monitor Revenue & Expenses: QuickBooks balances income against expenses to provide you with insights into your company's revenue. We'll configure your system to offer timely, relevant insights into your financial standing.
  • Manage Payroll: Your employees work hard throughout the year to keep your company running smoothly. Using QuickBooks, you can take care of your team by ensuring they receive paychecks on time. If you run into unexpected issues, we're available to provide meticulous troubleshooting.
  • Track Product Inventory & Sales Figures: Keeping track of rapidly changing sales figures and inventory levels is crucial to keep your business operating at a high level. We'll teach your team how to track sales and categorize receipts appropriately. Using your personalized accounting system, you'll be able to quickly access receipts, detect unprocessed transactions, and prevent product shortages.
  • Keep Track of Tax Requirements: It can be challenging to navigate ever-changing tax rules and regulations. When you store all of your financial information in your secure QuickBooks account, it's easy to access your essential data as tax season approaches. You and all approved partners can conveniently access your data at a moment's notice.

Supporting Your Company with Bookkeeping in Orange County

From bank reconciliations to financial statements, we're prepared to support you throughout the year with meticulous bookkeeping. Our mission is to provide you with the resources, structure, and oversight you need to expand your operations and increase profits. Give Bourque CPAs + Advisors a call today to set up your consultation with our accountant!

Call Us: (949) 825-7036 Book a Consultation

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