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Family Business

Family Business Practice Focus

An Introduction

Family Business

We live for Family Businesses

Family Business - Two words that have a whole lot of meaning! We represent some of the finest family businesses in Southern California. We are proud to provide unparalleled boutique and high touch services to our family business clients.

Tax Planning & Compliance

We get to know the ins and out of your family business. There is so much more than just numbers. We help your business thrive while preserving the family dynamic and reducing and issues that may arise. We joke that 1/2 our time is psychology/therapy in our family business practice.

Family or Outside Succession Planning

Jr. isn't always the best person for the job. Often times, family can harbor resentment because they were pushed into the business or the opposite where they expected more of a say in how the business is run. We utilize expert training in this area to facilitate success. Often times hiring ourside the family may be best.

Valuations, Consulting, M&A

We help keep a realistic valuation on the business to help navigate the future. That future may be the business transitioned to family, or it may be to clearly know that the business will be set to sell prior to the founder(s)' retirement. We connect you with the proper third party valuation expert to serve you.

Estate and Gift

The family business is often the largest asset in our family practice. Navigating the ins and outs of estate tax in this area of practice produces massive estate and income tax savings. We can utilize the AEA to dramatically reduce your taxable estate, often times to $0!

The Difference - We Care!

Where the difference really exists is that, "we care". It is virtually impossible to genuinely fake caring. We are not a high digit billing firm that pawns you off to the least common denominator. We exist to serve your SMB and your family first. It is our Purpose to serve you in a manner with which we would want to be served, perhaps better.

Family Business Services

Our Comprehensive Family Business Services Offerings

Our full suite of offerings allows us to become a part of the team. Our proactive approach and sensitivity towards the family business owners and their family is second to none. We know Family business because we have lived it.

Planning your succession and when hiring outside the family is best

Succession feels like a buzz word and is the last thing on the mind of a successful family business owner. The issue, however, is that without proper and timely planning there may not be a business after the government had taken their fair estate tax share and if the right team isn't in place when the family business founder gets sick.

Tax Advantaged Strategies for the Family Business - Start Early While You Still Can!

Here is where we really excel. Our top nationwide education in this space, in depth advanced technical skills and experience, and genuine care for the family business allows us to execute tax strategies that save a tremendous amount of money for the family business.