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Hospitality Practice Focus

An Introduction

Your Hospitality Partner


We know hotels and have successfully navigated many through some tough times during the last recession. We exist to help you get the most out of your hotel utilizing industry data and analysis of your hotel. As you know, the real estate "play" of hospitality is key. We utilize our Real Estate practice expertise in conjunction with our Hospitality Practice knowledge to help you succeed.


We have a great wealth of experience helping boutique and small chain restaurants succeed. We represent some of the most successful restaurants in Southern California. Our hands on boots on the ground approach is second to none. We visit each restaurant location on a regular basis and walk the floor with the owner/operators.

Tax Planning & Compliance

We know planning and compliance in this space. We understand all of the compliance nuances and help you succeed. We are a high touch practice and continuously review our budget to actual and plan quarterly for estimated tax payments and owner compensation.

Specialty Tax Credits and Deductions

We know all of the issues facing hotels and restaurants. Whether it be Repair Regs, 179, Cost Segregation Studies, Remodels, R&D matters, and lives we have it all under control so you can focus on your business.

AIS, IaaS, SaaS - IT Consulting

We are partnered with various providers. We are also a Microsoft Partner in the Microsoft Partner Network. We help our clients move away from physical assets and move them more and more into cloud and VM offerings.

Back Office Accounting

We offer affordable back office accounting on an hourly basis so you can spend more of your time working on your business and not in your business. Do what you do best, spend that time in front of your teams and customers.

Hospitality Services & News

We Know Hospitality - Hotels & Restaurants Are Tough - Do It Right And You Can Win Big

Check out our full offerings for the Hospitality Industry. We have been at this a long time and understand the demands on the operator/owner. It is a labor of love and we look forward to working by your side

Hotels - Why Choose Experts & Common Mistakes of the Generalist CPA

Know what your CPA is probably doing wrong and leaving on the table. Trust experts in the space to deliver the best in tax advantaged strategies and business consulting for your hotel(s).

Restaurants - Why Choosing A Specialist CPA Adds Value and Actually Cuts Overhead

How the use of the latest technology can help make your restaurant win and your cash flow soar. No more guessing and hoping for the best. Take control of your restaurant and cut your tax bill to the absolute minimum.