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Private Client Services

Private Client Services Practice Focus

An Introduction

We Are Private Client

Estate & Gift Planning

It all begins and end with a plan. Plans can be ever-changing and dynamic, however, all successful people start with some plan in mind. We always keep your 5, 10, and lifetime goals in mind when working with you.
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Tax Planning & Preparation

Our bread and butter is our expertise in the Private Client Tax Planning and Preparation / Compliance space. We have decades of experience in working with complex planning and preparation of 1040s and associated entities.

Tax Controversy

Most of our experience in audits has been in the context of the SBSE division of the IRS and state agencies. Let our experts help resolve your tax matters. Most CPAs rarely get audits, we are experts on procedure (and teach it) to other CPAs and accountants.
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Family Meetings

We understand and are expertly trained in dealing with the dynamics of family and money. Most patriarchs and matriarchs avoid the situation. Get the family on the same page while you are alive, you will pass on your values in addition to wealth.

Family Office / Quasi Family Office

We assist with varied levels of involvement for our family and quasi-family office clients such as tax planning and compliance

Educating & Training the Next Generation

We love spending time with the next generation. There is no replacement for the experience that the grantor has in accumulating wealth, the grantor appreciates it more. We help to train the next generation as they listen to us. Pass on your family values about money.

Private Client Services

Our Private Client Suite of Offerings - Helping You Pass On Wealth & Values To Your Family

We offer a full service array of services for the Private Client and Estate and Gift Practice. Be sure to check out our detailed brochure by clicking the image above to see how we can become your lifelong CPA Partner.

The Inheritance Entitlement - Teaching Families About Stewardship & Perspective

Leaving money without leaving behind values is as bad or worse than a loaded weapon in the wrong hands. Wealth to the untrained child or beneficiary can greatly harm them. It is our mission to ensure this doesn't happen.

Estate & Gift Tax - Advanced Techniques That Will Save You Millions!

We have tremendous resources to ensure the Federal and State taxing agencies don't get to take at times 50% of more of your hard earned money when you pass on. We plan and execute some the most comprehensive estate and gift strategies available.