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Real Estate Professionals

Real Estate Professional Practice Focus

An Introduction

Solutions for the REPRO

Real Estate Professionals

We know IRC Sec 469 Real Estate Professionals (The Donald Trump Loophole) extremely well. We have been assisting REPROs in current planning and compliance as well as representing them before the IRS and State Taxing Agencies.

Tax Planning & Compliance

We are experts in REPRO planning and compliance. Whether it be the one time election, aggregation elections, acquisitions & disposals, exchanges, repairs, etc. We have an excellent fluent grasp on all that is REPRO.

Developers / Builders / Trade

We represent REPROs of all types. Whether you are a trade, builder, developer, realtor, broker, or in any other real estate professional service, we have you covered.

R&D Credits & Cost Seg Studies & Repair Regs

We know all of the latest dealing with the Real Estate Profession. With the Trump administration, the law will be changing this we know. Team up with a firm who knows your business.

Tax Controversy

We have exceptional results in representing REPROs throughout Southern California and beyond. Don't trust a REPRO audit to an unsuspecting generalist CPA. What your CPA doesn't know can cost you tens of thousands of dollars!

Specialty Real Estate Holdings

We work in certain situations to utilize retirement account monies to purchase appreciating and cash flow positive real estate. It is a niche within a niche. Diversifying your retirement in real estate is an excellent part of your overall plan. REITs can be highly fee loaded and the values can fluctuate rapidly. Investing in certain hard assets has been the key to financial independence and wealth for many of our clients.

Real Estate Professionals

Our Real Estate Professional Services Offerings. A Signature Practice Specialty

We are experts in servicing Real Estate Professionals. Our expertise is tried and true after years of dealing with the IRS on Real Estate Professional Status for our clients and for several referrals from local CPAs and Law Firms. It is a great loophole to pay little to no tax, however, if you do it wrong.. you could lose everything.

Understanding The True Economic Cap Rate Of A Deal - Avoid the Pitfalls

Learn how to analyze deals like a pro. Understand what your true cap rate is and what it means from a tax perspective to the Real Estate Professional.

Who is a Real Estate Professional? The Trump Loophole

What Trump didn't want you to know when withholding his tax returns. We have years, court cases, research, expertise, and numerous IRS audits and appeals matters to know what it takes. View our article entitled 'Who is a Real Estate Professional, The Trump Loophole"